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History of A&E Mural at Leeds General Infirmary

located at the A&E Dept, Jubilee Wing, LGI, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England


Project Scope


Heritage mural triptych, approximately 30ft x 6ft featuring a 4 inch solid ash frame.




In genereral terms we separated this mural into 3 distinct areas. The historical images are on the central panel arranged around a painting of William Hey, who had founded the hospital in 1767. Dates from the hospitals' inception up to 1998 are arranged down either side. This panel shows how the hospital had become a centre for research and teaching over the past 50 years.


The left panel, with a red ‘emergency’ colour background, depicts the causes of accidents and shows resuscitation and rescue at the scene. A ‘medical’ green background is used for the investigation and diagnosis section, with a skeleton used as a large background image to add a touch of humour.


The right panel depicts treatment. We received a huge variety of images demonstrating various subjects, but chose the least ‘gruesome’ to display in the mural! The far right of the mural depicts Paediatric Care. A fresh yellow was chosen as a background colour to imply youth and happiness. The mural concludes with images promoting accident prevention, first aid awareness and fund raising.





“The General Infirmary at Leeds opened its Jubilee Wing in 1998. The ground floor of the building houses a new Accident and Emergency Department. I had been associated with the old A&E since 1949, from a medical student to Consultant, and was very pleased to be asked to plan this mural. My aim in compiling this display was to tell people in this city how the service they see today developed, and also give them an insight into the work that A&E staff have to deal with. I also wanted to include details of the partnership with other parts of the hospital as well as people like the Ambulance Service and Fire Service.


I had previously worked with Woodgate Design in 1993, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity of working with them again on the A&E Jubilee Mural. Much of the success of the Mural is due to the skill and sensitivity contributed by the Woodgate Design Staff. The size, position and depth of colour of the various images blends them together so that they present a fascinating and flowing story The discrete use of text enhances the harmony of the whole mural and the excellent mounting and lighting give it an impressive and compelling ambience.”


David H Wilson (FRCS) Retired Consultant Surgeon

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