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Leeds Hospitals in the First World War

located at the Thackray Medical Museum, LGI and St James Hospital, Leeds



Project Scope

Three duplicate copies were created to hang in different locations, each approx 6ft x 4ft.



This mural was a collaborative project between St James’s Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and the Thackray Medical Museum and was designed to accompany an International Seminar on the title subject. Each of the collaborative partners had a copy of the mural hanging in their own locations.


The mural was designed to look like an old-fashioned photo album – using a marbled background and photographic corner mounts. The mural is separated into distinct sections – ‘Call to Arms’, Eye Deep in Hell’, ‘Leeds Responds’, and ‘Aftermath’.


The text was handled in a number of ways, mainly handwritten in different styles and typed on creased old paper. All the images supplied were of course black and white, so sepia toning and other colour tints have been applied to add style and visual impact.



Client Comment

"The six hospitals within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust represent a complex medical and social history of Leeds and West Yorkshire from the beginning of the 18th Century. Woodgate Design has enabled those hospitals to communicate and commemorate their medical and social heritage in appealing and vibrant display panels. Each project was tailored to the subject, "audience" and architecture of its hospital to create a unique artwork. The modern, curvy installation at Chapel Allerton reflects the contemporary style of the new hospital as well as the rich social life of that organisation in supporting young men, injured in war, in regaining mobility and working skills.


Woodgate Design provided much more than visual design expertise. Their commitment and support for the project covered the collation of archive material, talking through anecdotal information with staff, including retired employees, attending progress meetings, photographing the hospital site and artifacts and assisting the hospitals in editing material for inclusion. With Woodgate's excellent project management, the complex process of identifying and sorting historical information became easy and our hospitals' histories were able to come to life."



Gail Bolland, Art Co-ordinator at Tonic, Leeds Hospitals

(writing about this and other murals created for the Leeds Hospitals)

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